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What I have done so far

So I inherited a sewing machine and want to start using it.

Things I have done so far

  • had my sewing machine serviced
  • sewed some lines
  • booked a into sewing course
  • purchased some fabric, patterns, threads, pins
  • watched some tutorials on YouTube
  • downloaded some patterns
  • made 2 baby bibs – only slightly wonky
  • made a small fabric box to put my scraps of material when I cut them off – not sure what I will do with it when it is full – other than sew up the last bit.
  • watched the latest series Great British Sewing Bee (GBSB)
  • purchased some sewing books (GBSB)
  • purchased more fabric
  • purchased a cutting surface and ruler
  • Started making a skirt ish following an online tutorial
  • purchased some tracing paper and fabric pen
  • cleared my dining room table and made a sewing corner

Things I have learned

  • Fabric is pricey
  • I need to wash fabric before I makes stuff with it
  • I need to take care measuring and cutting
  • There is method to the madness that seems to be putting stuff together backwards and the wrong way round.
  • Zips are tricky
  • I need to measure and cut things carefully (listed twice as I’ve been pretty slap dash so far)
  • my waist measurement is even bigger than I though

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