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Baby Bibs

I thought this would be a good starter project and they are really easy to make.

I’ve forgotten where I found this pattern, I’ve tried googling again but there are so many options out there I just can’t spot the site I found this on.

There isn’t much too these, all you do is:
– Cut out the pattern, once in baby themed cotton and once in terrycloth,
– Rights sides together sew them up other than a small turnaround gap.
– Turn them around
– Hand sew the gap
– Hand sew popper

The first one is a larger than the second because although I printed and cut out a template I didn’t actually have any pins or good scissors or pens to mark up what I was cutting so the fabric moved around a lot as I just tried to hold it in place. I made the second a couple of weeks later and it was much easier with pen and pins etc.I’m just going to call the first newborn sized and the second growing baby sized.

What I liked
– Cute baby themed prints.  I just loved this fabric, I wish I had bought more of it because the animals are just adorable.
– The mixing of 2 fabric.  Both a a new challenge (before making the first one I had only sewn scraps of the same fabric together) and how by using both in the bib you get the whimsical baby pattern and the practical terry cloth that will absorb liquid spills better.

What I learned
– You need tools, as (I have written about above)
– Terry cloth frays and makes such a mess. I had the hoover out to pick up all the little bits.
– Hand sewing is a dark art. I was really pleased with my sew the gap together sewing. However the popper sewing was rather messy. However most importantly I managed to prick my fingers and thumbs loads. (I have a thimble now but it didn’t protect me as I jabbed different fingers at different times. where the thimble really helped was pushing the needle through the fabric. So much so that I think that might be what they are for.


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