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Sewing Course

As much as I have enjoyed teaching myself how to sew so far I thought it would be a good idea to do some classes to get some guidance.

I found a one day course called Sewing – Dressmaking – Get Started, suitable for complete beginners and though that was for me.  I’ve had to wait a little while for the course to start and during that time I have been figuring things out and completed my first two projects.

So finally the day of my course came so I packed up my machine and headed out to learn how to make a dress.

I picked up some good tips and info early on, going through different thread and needles (I’m not sure the previous thread i have purchased is the right sort of thread and have since been back to the shop and have started buying Gutermann thread).

Then our exercises started.

I was ahead of the rest of the class as I can confidently set up my machine for sewing and winding the bobbin and I was given some sewing practice sheets to keep me occupied.
We then moved on to putting stitches in material and exploring the different stitches that our machine can do.  Again I had done all this previously, also having a much older machine I didn’t have as many experiments as some of the other candidates who could set up their machines to write letters and things.

We then moved on to zigzagging raw edges, sewing skirt edges together, pressing seems out and zigzagging in a straight line to hold a thread in the middle for gathering.

Yip all things I have done before.

I did learn I have picked up some bad habits, I haven’t been looped my needle thread before starting and I haven’t been holding my thread end, so I have got some things to work on.  I went off to lunch feeling pretty good about my sewing ability.

After lunch we went on to sewing modern stretch fabric and it all went downhill. I just couldn’t get a good zigzag through the fabric.  We all changed our needles and everyone else was sewing their zig zags and then all the fancy other stretch stitches their machines could do but just couldn’t get a zig zag line.

Eventually I showed the tutor, demo-ing how I could zigzag on canvas but then not on the stretch fabric and my theory is because my machine pre-dates this sort of stretch fabric is isn’t designed to sew stretch fabric so can’t.  If anyone has any better ideas or solution suggests I would love to hear them because this has come as a bit of a blow.  Though I still love my machine and have lots of lovely cotton to sew some upcoming projects.

We ended the day looking at measurement and talking about patterns, this is probably my best take away from the day as now can be confident on my measurements as I select pattern sizes.  It was helpful not to be the only person in the class finding out that my sewing pattern size is bigger than my shop size.

Overall I enjoyed the day, it was fun sewing with other people and learning so I have booked on another course, this time an evening course of 11 weeks.  This course is called Sewing – Garment Making – Beginners/Improvers I expect I won’t be ahead of the curve when I turn up this time.


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