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#SewMyStyle – Sign Up

I have interrupted my backlog of posts with some time sensitive news:

I compulsively follow Emily’s blog  which is where I first read about #SewMyStyle a 12 month sew-a-long starting in January 2017 there are 12 garments and you commit to making one each month.  By the end of the year you have made yourself a capsule wardrobe.Sounds great doesn’t it.  You can find out more about #SewMyStyle  here
and sign up too.

The organisers have negotiated discounts from the pattern companies involved.  As soon as I received my email with discount codes I went a little crazy.
So that is me now on a spending ban (other than xmas presents for other people) for the month so I will have to wait for the next set of discount codes before getting the rest.

Here is the pattern/garment list with my initial thoughts:

SewHouse7 –  Toaster Sweater

Ordered -Paper Pattern
Treated myself to the Paper Pattern (shipping from the USA – ouch!)
I had already planned to attempt to sew a knit in the new year so I guess I will just have to get on with that aim early.

Named Clothing –Saunio Cardigan

Still to purchase
I’m out of money but have til February to get this one so I’ll wait until the second round of discount codes.
My note to myself for February is that I want the pdf pattern because the paper pattern does NOT include seem allowances and I do not know how to deal with that.

Megan Nielsen – Virginia Leggings

I think I might save some money by not purchasing this pattern, I have a leggings pattern in my GBSB Book that I already have a post-it it on for my long term make at some point in the future list. If I do it will be another new challenge for me as I’ve never worked with a stretch fabric.

Sew House 7 – Bridgetown Dress

Ordered – Paper Pattern
This is my other the Paper Pattern (being shipping from the USA, lucky I got a discount)
The description says ‘The simple styling makes it quick and easy to sew.’ – which sounds like a pattern for me.
I think this is a dress I could get a lot of wear from, and could wear to work through summer.

Califaye Collection – Pocket Skirt

Ordered – PDF pattern
I do like pockets on a skirt. I’m less sure I like the look of the gathers on the front between the pockets, but I like the colour of the fabric in the picture  and the casual linen skirt look.  I’m slightly concerned that the difficulty rating is Intermediate / Advanced on this one.

Megan Nielsen – Briar Tee and Sweater

Still to purchase 
I won’t be making the cropped version.  I think the longer version with long sleeves will be the one for me.

Cali Faye Collection – Valley Blouse 

Ordered – PDF pattern
I really like the look of this blouse, very relaxed and summery.  My only concern is ‘DIFFICULTY: Intermediate’

Megan Nielsen – Darling Ranges Dress

Still to purchase I’m out of money so will have to buy this next year.
My first thought was that I already want to buy the Tilly & The Buttons shirt dress some time next year so do I really want to buy this one too?  I looked at it a bit more and thought YES I do want this one too.  Not just because there is no collar but also, check out the pockets, and look at the other 2 options, loose shirt dress with no gathers and shirt.  I think my first problem on this one will be deciding which version to make!

Named Clothing – Yona Wrap Coat

I’ve already decided I’m going to skip this one.  Not just because it’s an advanced pattern and I’m a beginner but because I have way too many coats already.  So will save my pennies and not buy/make something just for the sake of it.

Cali Faye _ Hampshire Trouser 

Ordered – PDF pattern
Again I really like the look of these trousers.
There are tutorials for this pattern which I am going to need as the difficulty rating on this one is ‘Advanced’ – Oh dear :/

By Hand London – Anna Dress

Ordered – PDF Pattern
Its ‘Super quick and simple to make’ and was one of the most reasonably priced, even before the discount so I snapped it up.

Named Clothing – TBC from new collection
Image result for mystery box
Will just have to wait and see on this one.

In Summery
I have purchased 2 new paper patterns and 4 new pdf patterns from 3 new-to-me pattern companies.  I plan to buy another 3 or 4 patterns from 2 more new-to-me pattern companies.
I’m skipping 2 of the patterns, one of which I might replace with a pattern I already have.
I don’t think I am looking forward to putting together all these pdf patterns, but you never know maybe I will learn to love them, and think it is fun playing the floor is lava don’t step on it with all these printed sheets all over my living room floor.
Overall my 2017 sewing plans with the above plus some of the other sewing plans I have will give me quite the handmade wardrobe in 2017.


4 thoughts on “#SewMyStyle – Sign Up

  1. I saw this #sewmystyle already on another blog. What I like about this #sewmystyle is that you don’t have to participate each month. Speaking for myself #sewmystyle is all about like the name says my style and not all the patterns are my cup of tea. I think 4 or 5 patterns are my style. Any way love to see all your makes during this challenge.


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