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Sewing Aspirations 2017 and beyond

I haven’t been sewing that long and although I have already surprised myself with some of the things I have made I’m still very much a beginner.

Since deciding to take up sewing I’ve spend a lot more time thinking/daydreaming and shopping (patterns and fabric) than actually sewing.

It being January I thought this would be a good time to roughly order and categorize some sewing projects I want to take on in the future.  I have different types of materials I want to try and ideas for projects where I want to focus on making something really well as opposed my sewing gratification to date which has been ta-da I’ve made something.

I don’t want to tie myself down to a firm list of things I must make and when by as I think that could get pressurised, stressful and less fun.  So with no guarantee or commitment here are my sewing plans and daydreams:

2017 aspiration – #SewMyStyle

I’ve already signed up to this and purchased 6 patterns.  I wrote a post when I signed up and went on a mini spending spree for those 6 patterns.  Since then I have taken stock and decided that I want to make the the 6 patterns I have purchased plus the August make; Megan Nielsen – Darling Ranges Dress because I love that dress.  When the December pattern is announced I’ll make a decision on that but I think just making those 7 will be challenging enough.  Because I also have some other sewing ambitions for 2017…


2017 aspiration – Sewing Knits
Cowl Neck Shopify NewCoco dress or top – speedy sewing pattern by Tilly and the ButtonsSew Over It Heather Dress sewing pattern :: dressmaking patterns and online sewing classes from our online fabric shop
Its a little daunting and maybe a bit early but I want to try and sew some jersey.
The #SewMyStyle January’s Toaster Sweater No2 is a jersey make so that works out well.
I purchased some teal ponte before xmas and I had planned to use it to make a Tilly & the Buttons Coco but with time ticking along I think I will check the stretch and if is at about 20% it could try make a nice Toaster sweater with it instead.
I really want to make a Coco too, so I think that will be a slightly later jersey make.  I’m now thinking Sew Over it Cowl Neck Top, then Tilly & the Buttons Coco dress and then Sew Over it Heather Dress.
If I make all of them then that is me set for what to wear until it warms up in the Spring and then again for Winter 2017.


2017 aspiration – Overlocker Development
I feel that threading and a tiny bit sewing with my overlocker was 2016 achievement.  But I am not confident or competent with it.  So this year I would like to learn more, get a better understanding of how it works and what can be done with it.  I purchased a Craftsy class in the sales think working my way through that class during the year would be a good aim.


2017 ish aspiration – Trousers
In 2016 I made 2 tops (Sorbetto Hack 1 & Hack 2), 2 skirts (Gathered & Box Pleats) and a dress (Bettine) so trousers seem the next logical step.
I have 2 patterns already purchased
Cali Faye Hampshire Trouser – part of the #SewMyStyle October Make
Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers – I have the pattern AND some material that just says trousers.  I want to try and really focus on fit when I make these, take my time, pay attention and make alternations until I have  a perfectly fitting pair of trousers.
The idea of trousers is daunting but the Sew Over It website has some sewaong guides, which I plan to utilise.
   Ultimate Trousers Sewing Pattern


2017 or 2018 aspiration – More complicated with More care
A fancy lined wool dress.
I have also purchased Joan Dress pattern from Sew Over It along with some lovely (and way more expensive than my usual economically priced fabric) Aubergine Melton Wool.  I want to really take my time on this one, not just because it is complicated but because I want to achieve a really good finish.  I fell in love with this dress when I first saw it and purchased it and the wool immediately even though I know I’m not ready to make a good job of it yet.


2017 or 2018 aspiration – Shirt/shirt dress
Not sure if I will get on to this but later in the year or maybe even next year I want to give this a go as I have been coveting a Tilly & The Buttons Rosa shirt dress.  Again as a more complicated make, new techniques and something I would need to take care and time over.  Part of me wants to run away from things like shirt collars buttons but that is also the challenge of it.
Rosa shirt dress sewing pattern - Tilly and the Buttons


Some day (post 2017) dreams
Vintage Patterns
Evening dress
Coco Channel Style Jacket
Underwear (including and wired bra)


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