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Pattern Weights

I find cutting out my pattern pieces really tricky and have developed a I have a strong preference for using a rotary cutter rather than scissors and pins, for most fabric.

It was suggested to me in my sewing class (last term) that I should make myself some pattern weights.  I think it was maybe amusing for my sewing class colleagues to see me getting various tins and jars out of my bag to use as weights at first but then they all got sick of it.

So it was suggested I make some pattern weights.  I did google for some ideas and was more drawn to doing something with washers then making little beanbags.

I really like these fondant fancy pattern weights that I found on Etsy but I’m already way over my sewing budget so making my own is the way forward for now.  (Plus they look so good I think I might try and eat them.)

I left making my own pattern weights on my to do list for a number of months until I was having a motivated afternoon.  So I headed out to my local wicks picked up 6 bags of washers (at two different sizes) and some insulating tape.  Once home I started experimenting with different ways to rap up a group of washers.

And then my husband got involved.  We used pencils and clamps to keep the washers lined up and found tightly wrapping a line of tape round the edge was our preferred method.

But we weren’t done there.  I said I would like something to cover the washers so they didn’t look like they were just washers with tape round them.  My husband had some target stickers that he dug out from the cupboard under the stairs that when cut to size looked good with black tape.  So I now have 6 heavy round target pattern weights and I think they look really smart.

The target stickers are just sticky paper so might not last that well and might need replacing at some point but at the moment they look great.


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